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Plasmid ID : 1216

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清华大学 谢震实验室

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mini CMV启动mKate2荧光蛋白和TALER14的表达,下游为4个FF5 miRNA target 位点;同时miniCMV启动子受TALER10的调控,在miniCMV上游有TALER10 target位点,下游有3个TALER10 target位点。

Vector labels

Expression system : Mammalian

Plasmid type : Encodes multiple inserts

Plasmid purposes : RNAi; TALEN

Fluorescent : mKate2

Selectable Marker :

Resistance : Ampicillin

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pY196 (GE Share #1216) was a gift from 谢震

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