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Best way to share gene elements

Our goal is to provide the most professional gene cassettes (vectors) sharing and gaining platform for the life scientists all around the world. GE Share will help you share cassettes easily and quickly and gain cassettes fast and cheaply.

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Why would you fall in love with GE Share?

For users

Quick Searching

GE Share classified all of the gene cassettes on the platform based on their properties so that users can hunt for the desired cassettes quickly.

Efficient Communication

Users can get in touch with the GE Share team immediately, avoiding the waste of time and energy in contacting gene cassettes producer via traditional e-mail way.

Quick Gaining

In contrast with the long time sending the products by the producers, users can get access to the cassettes much more quickly right from GE Share to keep on the subsequent working.

For sharer

Saving Energy


Open Sharing

Contribute our own research results to the life scientists from the world, boost the development of the entire scientific community and get a reasonable reward.

Why they are using GE Share?

As the first national vector sharing and purchasing platform, GE Share surprised me. Both the quantity of the vectors and the price make me satisfied greatly.

—— PingPing Wang, Life Science Department of TsingHua University

My understanding of molecular biology study is : the science research that uses gene cassettes as tools and uses theory knowledge as guides. The GE Share identification of vector and cassettes matches with my understanding perfectly. It can assist my research jobs greatly.

—— LuYang Li, No.2 ShenZhen City People Hospital

Our lab used to share vectors with American Addgene. But it usually takes a long time due to the complex flow and the credits are also limited. While, the platform of GE Share can fill the vacancy of national vectors sharing field and the credits rules are quite reasonable. The team members of our lab all feel it is convenient to use.

—— Yue Xie, Informatic National Lab of TsingHua University

For a researcher who’s been working on donwstream jobs without any vector designing experience, GE Share offers a encyclopaedia of vectors that can be read online and keeps updating with time.

—— ShanShan Li, life Science Department of TsingHua University

When just got the vector that I purchased from GE Share, I did not expect a package of a vector could be so delicate and durable. When I use the vector to do experiments, I feel everything is totally different.

—— Yan Zeng, Bio-engineering Colledge, Capital Medicine University